M. J. Jackman

elvis jackman“M. J. Jackman is one of the most talented, exciting, and hilarious writers to explode onto the fiction scene in the 21st century,” was what Jackman hoped to read in the papers after the release of The Sid Tillsley Chronicles. He hoped his mastery of the written word and his elegant wit would bring celebrity status, which, in turn, would bring fast women,  drugs and hard liquor, and then slower, more understanding women. In 2009, Jackman was made redundant.

A scientist by trade, Jackman currently lives and works in Cambridge. He’s got a degree in chemistry (York), a PhD in physics (Manchester), and is currently trying his hand at bioanalysis. He’s worked on nano-particles, cancer drugs, solar cells, dental implants, new anti-biotics, transistors, corrosion inhibitors, anti-psychotics, semi-conductors, gas sensors, asthma drugs, particle accelerators and rat piss.